"Your Manliness Turns Me Off"

(Note: this all happened yesterday, December 22. It took me a while to shake off all the ‘what the hell’ in me.) ——-

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, just two short days until Christmas! I hope that everyone is all prepared and ready and most of all, enjoying time with their family and friends in a (hopefully) stress-free environment!

As the day gets closer, I am sure that many people have already wrapped up their presents and put the finishing last thoughts on their list. Yesterday I encountered two people who seemed to want everything for Christmas and showed no signs of letting anything get in the way.

Just some background:

I met a friend for lunch yesterday and then proceeded to run some errands and take a Transit journey to answer the question, “Can you get off the Millenium Line at Commercial-Broadway and walk over a bridge to get to the Expo Line? Because I see a little bridge thing on the map?…”

The answer is yes, by the way.

But taking this extra journey from Burnaby Mountain out to Commercial-Broadway gave me an opportunity to encounter three young men, also coming down from SFU.

I am going to leave it here by saying that they were each of different race and that I was not quite sure how old they were. After I got on the bus, these three young men walked on after me, really loud and obnoxiously and made their way over to the section I was sitting in. Sitting a couple rows away from me, they proceeded to talk about girls. Seemed normal enough, but their discussion was so loud that I could not help but tuning in, even with headphones in.

-“That girl at Saywell Hall was so skinny, but her rack was incredible.”

-“Yeah, but did you see her thighs? Gross.”

-“What do you care? You wouldn’t have any guts to tell her to her face that her rack was incredible.”

At this point I should mention that 1) I was furiously taking notes on my phone and 2) I was furiously seething at the fact that these guys had such a tasteless conversation all the way down the to the Skytrain. And just when I thought that I could escape from them, they followed the flurry of people onto the Skytrain, and got onto the same one that I did.

They got in the same car as me, and close to the door there was a girl, about my age or so, who was extremely beautiful. She was also very blessed in ways that would make other girls envious, and this caught the attention of the boys that sat across from her on the other side of the door, in front of me. Throughout their conversation of lewd comments and more objectification, two of them spent the better part of 10 minutes trying to get the other guy to go up to her and chat her up.

-“Talk about her eyes or rack or something. Yeah, her rack. Just do it, for us.”

Whether he actually liked her or not, he finally went up at one stop and sat next to her. Since all three of them had not learned volume control since the bus down from SFU, it was evident that everyone sitting around them could hear him, and became uncomfortable.

-“Hey girl. You have pretty eyes and a smokin’ rack. What’s you’re name and where are you going?”

The girl was clearly disgusted, but kept her composure. She turned to him and said, “I heard everything you were saying with your friends over there. Your manliness turns me off.” She then got off and walked out of the train, leaving the other guy there. I watched as she walked to a Transit security guard, watching to see if any of the guys had gotten up and followed her.

This stunned the guy, stunned the two others, and made me want to give that girl a standing ovation.

The point I bring with this is not to condemn guys that talk about girls, because I know for a fact that girls seem to be a very popular topic among males. What I am saying is that sometimes, what guys think are “manly” may not really be so “manly” after all; in fact, it might undermine you as opposed to bringing you up.

Seeing all this unfold in front of me reminded me of a video that a classmate shared on Facebook. Youtube star Sam Pepper made a video of a prank that he played on girls and women, which involved him using a fake third hand in a “ass-pinch” prank. This disgusted me beyond belief – how could he find it enjoyable to make girls feel uncomfortable? While the three guys were in their own little world, they did enter the bus making cat calls at a girl in a dress that was walking by .

Take it from a girl when I say that looks are not everything – personality matters too. I can tell you for a fact that those three guys were good looking and well dressed. But the moment they opened their mouths, I was also turned off. Their pretty faces did not save them. And perhaps, I do not matter in their lives, but what if the one comes along and they continue to talk about such things? I can only imagine.

Now, I know that girls are just as guilty as the boys are. We are pros at playing games, gossiping and sometimes being super catty with each other. We objectify guys as well and play up our appearances in hopes to draw guys in.

This girl, who was turned off by the three young men’s idea of manliness, stunned the guys for the time being. I can only hope that they will realize that some of the discussion that they had (which, for obvious reasons, I could not share here), is inappropriate.

As the new year approaches, I challenge everyone to be a better version of themselves.

Ladies, remember that you are more than the numbers on the scale, the curves on your body and the size of jeans that you wear. You are beautiful, and true beauty comes from what you say and do. Strive for relationships that build you up, instead of tearing you down. Hold out for those that are ready to respect you for all of you.

Gentlemen, remember that you do not need to do much to impress girls. Girls look for guys that make them feel special always, and for guys that will respect them and care for them. Bragging about your “exploits” is a very Illiadic and therefore, a thing of the past. Being respectful goes a long way, and I am sure that it will bring you much more happiness in return.

The common thread here is to be yourself, but a better, more respectful version of themselves. As cliched as this is,

“In everything, set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness and soundness of speech that you cannot be condemned…” – Titus 2:7-8

A new year is coming, everyone. Make it count!

So respect everyone, be the best person you can be, and spill more ink while you do.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

x R