Writing for Student Life Network?!

I feel so humbled and excited right now!

I wrote an article entitled “Why Failure is Necessary” as an article for the Student Life Network. SLN is a site that connects students from all across Canada and not only educates students on how to prepare for University and make the most out of every school experience but also has amazing contests with prizes like money, merchandise, trips and volunteer opportunities overseas. This is an amazing site with a pretty fantastic blog!

Please go check them out and sign up for Canada’s Luckiest Student 3! (It’s opening in August!)

Check out the Student Life Network blog (also where my article is featured)!

I hope to have more articles there in the future! Thanks to all the cool people at Student Life Network not only for this opportunity to write for them but also for all of these fantastic opportunities that are shared with students all over Canada!

Personally, I apologize for not writing lately. I have two exams coming up in about a week and a half, and honestly it is killing my summer! However, my mom is always right and she knows that if I didn’t have these exams to drive me insane and keep me busy, I would have been super bored by now. I have to save that cash for the next three weeks when I can go out with my friends.

It has also been quite an interesting time, as it draws closer and closer for me to start my life at university. Orientation and workshops are all coming so fast, it feels like I have moved on completely. This is a new chapter already.

I have put all the old behind me and embracing the new!

Back to studying now. Once those exams are out of the way, I will continue writing for both blogs (but obviously, this one is my baby!)

Take care and get that Vitamin D, and spill more ink while you do. See you all real, real soon!