Wisdom and Advice With Good Food and Beautiful Company

I am so blessed to have an amazing support system behind me that helps me through the hardest times of my life. They listen when I have to talk to someone and offers me the best advice to help me cope and carry on. The past couple months have been, in a word, turbulent. There have been so many highs, and I think that’s where all the wonderful advice comes from. These times (typically meals, go figure) have helped me to look past the downfalls of the past and showed me that life really is beautiful when we stop and look around. This is a compilation of insight, wisdom, and funny things that I have heard before..

“After graduation, you realize that high school really isn’t the biggest mountain you have to climb.”

“One thing I learned from high school? Social media totally ruins your work ethic. Just saying.”

“Don’t let pimples define you. Really. Most of the time people aren’t looking.”

“Do whatever makes you happy.”

“It’s not selfish if you realize that something isn’t working out.”

“Life is too short if you keep making concessions for things that go against your morals or values. Don’t waste your tie with people that bring you down or cause you to change yourself.”

“Make sure that in a relationship, both parties need to align themselves individually with their goals and values – never align with the other just ’cause.”

“If there are things you can’t change, just go with the flow. Trying to change things that you cannot will just frustrate you to no end.”

“Remember to smile.”

“Running will keep you going towards a goal that you have. Never stop running until you make it to your destination.”

“Sometimes you need to let go.”

“The friends that you make in high school? Unfortunately, you will lose a lot of them after graduation. But never fear, that’s what university is for!”

“There is never time wasted if you are enjoying yourself.”

Life is so beautiful. I hope that everyone is enjoying their long weekend so far. Keep on rocking, smiling, and spilling ink while you do!