Why am I creating?

As a creator, I've always struggled with content. I feel like that is the never ending battle that we face. We constantly ask ourselves questions like what am I creating? When is the next thing coming out? Why haven't I put out something new yet? Or the biggest, most existential-crisis like question, why am I even creating in the first place?

This has been an ongoing struggle for me in more ways that one. I've changed my medium over time, from focusing on writing to now focusing on my podcast, The Feminine Genius. But even as a writer and a blogger, the inner dialogue has always been the same: I haven't put out a new blog post recently. I haven't written any new poetry in months. I constantly have writer's block and it's driving me insane!

And recently with my podcast, I had a very similar encounter. Since the beginning of the podcast, it had been all go, go, go. I have a lot of content ready to go, but I had to pull myself back to remember my primary vocation of being a student. As much as I know that God had anointed this podcast as a way to share my faith and share the important stories of women with others, I had to give more attention to finishing my degree - as tough as that is for me to hear. This led me to going from putting out weekly episodes to deciding to put out bi-weekly episodes, and it has been a really humbling process for me.

The biggest question that it got me to re-visit was my why. Why am I creating?


Having done some work and study in marketing and content creation, I have a pretty good grasp of what the world tells us (as content creators) what to do to be successful. We can find plenty of examples of this by doing a quick scan of any major social media site. Post content often, post at these times of the day, rack up the likes and get eyes on your content. The way these content gurus talk about it, it seems easy enough.

It also is incredibly attractive - I mean, who wouldn't want more likes, more reads, more listens, more follows? Isn't that the point of content creation? Why create when no one is there to take it in and enjoy it?

Regardless of whether or not you have a faith background or affiliation, I think it's crucial every once and a while to take stock of your why. Why are you creating the content that you do? What do you hope to gain from it, and more importantly, what do you hope that your audience will gain from it?

This reminds me of a great interview that I did with my friend (and fellow content creator) Celeste Villanueva where we talked exactly about this idea of intentionality in our creation. At the end of the day, the intention of the content - whatever that intention is - needs to be focused. As much as we can pour lots of time into aesthetics and getting the right search terms in to putting our content in front of people, intention is what keeps you going and moving. It becomes your drive. Otherwise, you might run into content fatigue, and that is never fun.

You should never feel like you have to come out with something new. Sure, there is power in regularity and consistent posting. But I think that sometimes we fall into a trap (myself included) that we lose our identity as a creator or an artist if we don't put out something new right away and often. I definitely have felt that. And I'm here to say that if you're reading this and feeling bad that you haven't put out something new or unique lately, that doesn't define you as a creator or an artist. Take the time you need. Find your intention, your values, and your why.


At the time of writing this, I was in a bit of a slow run with The Feminine Genius Podcast, but I'm happy to announce that there will be a new episode starting November 18!

You can find The Feminine Genius Podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts and you can learn more about the show at femininegeniuspodcast.com!