Valentine’s Day?

So what is the most commercialized holiday in the whole entire world??

I think that Valentine’s day takes the cake for many reasons, and let’s get real here: Valentine’s day is not even a real holiday. It’s just another day. People don’t get days off. People don’t get paid extra to work on this day. It’s a day where people go all mushy on each other, buy expensive flowers and boxes and boxes of chocolate to prove to their significant other (whether that person knows it or not) that they are truly and madly in love with them.

Honestly? No. No. No.

I suppose you could say that I am a self proclaimed anti-Valentine’s day fanatic. This is not because I have been lacking in the amount of valentines received growing up; no, I received my fair share. It is also not because my love life is stuck in a dry spell (well, maybe. I don’t know. What is a relationship anyways?)..

It’s because it is simply pointless.

Why do we need a designated day to tell people that they are important to us? Why do we need to save all the romantic date stuff for one day out of the year? Why do we need to go all out for this one 24 hour period (which, let’s be honest, has possibly 7-8 hours blocked off for sleep)?

If you are single this Valentine’s day and you are pining with jealousy at the fact that all of your friends are going out and you are going to stay at home, I applaud you. You stay at home and chill out. Why conform to society?

This is one of the big things that I feel particularly strongly about. You don’t need a significant other to have fun on Valentine’s day. Remember, it’s just another day in the year. The day after is just as good as the next, and in weeks to come, Valentine’s day will just be another blur in your memory.

Instead of feeling left out, have the most fun you can have with the people that you love, and then, keep it up the rest of the year. Why should the fun stop after this one day?

Personally, my Valentine’s day is going to be spent with one of my good friends. We are going to eat, catch up with each other and celebrate womanhood and girl power. Sounds feminist, but I guess that’s just what I am. A feminist who thinks that Valentine’s day is highly overrated.

There are still 4 hours left in this day to make plans. It’s not too late to make fantastic memories with the people that you hold near and dear to your heart for the rest of the year. We are all young and free – go after what you love, and make every day count.

Until then, have a happy day tomorrow and every day after that. Don’t stop spilling that ink, either.