Foodie 5: Pizza edition

There is no contest: my favourite food is 100% pizza.

Over the years I have grown to enjoy pizza so, so much. Everything from delivery, to frozen, to pizza parties and fancy flatbread, it has become such a staple in my life. There is so much variety to it and I know for a fact that whenever there is pizza involved, it's going to be a good time.

Vancouver's pizza landscape has grown and changed over time, and you can be sure that your pizza craving will be fulfilled regardless of which part of the city you're at.

Here are my favourite places for pizza in Vancouver:

5. Goldies Pizza

I'll admit, I was a little skeptical about this place when my friend suggested to meet up here for lunch. Okay. I was a lot skeptical. But upon walking into Goldies Pizza (605 W Pender Street, 3088 Cambie Street, or 508 Abbott Street), not only was I surprised at how lovely the interior was, but also 1) the selection of pizza available for such a small place and 2) how incredibly thin the crust was! Goldies is definitely a favourite. if you're in a rush, they have open windows where you can order for a slice to eat on the go.

4. Nicli's Antica Pizzeria

If you're looking to dress up your pizza a little bit and go out for a fancy night out on the town, consider checking yourself into Nicli's Antica Pizzeria (62 E Pender Street). With an extensive drinks menu and a long list of pizzas, get ready to take in a super tasty pizza. It's okay if you can't pronounce 80% of the items on the menu - the servers are super friendly and will help you out. And after going a few times, let me tell you that while it is a splurge, there is no pizza that is a thumbs down. Also super thankful for the special pair of scissors that they bring to cut their pizzas - they are definitely greatly appreciated!

3. Straight Outta Brooklyn Pizza

Looking for something close to street-style, thin crust pizza that is reminiscent of that of New York? Then go check out Straight Outta Brooklyn Pizza (350 Robson Street, #3-701 Kingsway, and 648 Main Street). They have a variety of pizza pies that are nice and thin, spicy, flavourful, and just pure perfection. If you're looking for something that is just the right amount of greasy, then this is your place. Plus, Straight Outta Brooklyn's pizza has a special place my heart because it was what I ate before I went to go get my first tattoo 

2. Lombardo's

The ever classy Lombardo's (1641 Commercial Drive) is situated in the amazing Little Italy, and boasts incredible pizza, along with other Italian delicacies and favourites. One of my favourite pizza flavours is a classic mushroom (funghi if you're a pro) pizza, and I have to give the award of best mushroom pizza to Lombardo's. The crust was not too thin but also not too tough and definitely not chewy, but perfection. And the mushrooms? Trust me on this one.

1. Virtuous Pie

The number one honour goes to a pizza place that people might fight me on, but I have to stick my ground on this one. The lovely Virtuous Pie (583 Main Street) serves incredibly tasty and aptly named pizzas that are creative and just incredible works of art. I love that I am able to watch them put together the pizza and make it right in front of my eyes. How can you not be drooling at flavours such as Los Tacos, Meatball + Chevre, and Ode to Philly? Oh, and did I mention that this pizza shop is entirely vegan?