The Wisdom of a 10 Year Old

They say that as you age, you become more mature and learn more. Therefore, as the saying goes, you should theoretically be wiser as you get older. For many this is the case: look at our grandparents. Look at our parents. Look at the ones that we depend on for help and counsel in our times of need.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to spend time with an interesting young soul who, in my mind, had a very mature sense of direction. Only 10 years old, she carried herself with poise and grace. She was able to greet many people by name and was very eloquently put.

With short blonde hair and grey-green eyes, she is beautiful. Her smile is radiant and the way she talks commands attention from whoever she speaks to. Perhaps it is the confidence in her voice, or maybe just how adorable she looks. Nevertheless, I cannot look away.

While munching on cookies she asked me and my best friend if we had any problems. “I am a very good problem solver,” she said to us. “I helped the last few people with theirs. They said that their problems were really, really hard, but I solved them.”

I seriously considered her question. Did I have any problems? Life problems? Relationship problems? Friendship problems?

I did not say anything right away, but eventually I cracked in the silence. What harm is there in talking to a 10 year old? I asked myself. I have nothing to lose. I only have innocence and wisdom to gain.

So out poured my so called problems and dilemmas, all of which had sat in my mind for days and days only to be turned and overturned and ignored in hopes that they would disappear on their own. I told her all about the stresses that I had of the future, the hurt that I felt from a love lost, and the confusion that I felt from a situation that was going south faster than I could keep up with.

She listened patiently (yet another thing I admired of this young one) and waited until I was completely finished talking. As I drew in another breath, I suddenly felt nervous. But why was I nervous? Why did I feel the anxiety that I did after I told a 10 year old all my fears and problems?

She blinked a couple times and drew in a breath of her own. “This is tricky,” she mused, munching on yet another cookie. As she chewed she stared past me out the window. “I’ve never had a boyfriend before, but I think that this is something you need to tell him. Talk to him. You don’t talk to him enough. Maybe he wants you to talk to him. Boys are weird like that. Girls have to do everything,” she said, rolling her eyes.

With all the short bursts of words and sentences, I realized that everything she was saying was in fact correct. I was hiding. I was not talking or expressing how I felt. I was bottling up everything inside.

Didn’t I post something on this last time? Yeah, I think I did. And here I am, still not understanding the picture.

After our conversation I felt more at ease and lighter, as if a huge weight was taken off my shoulders. This was something I could easily solve on my own, yet, I had to wait for someone else to tell me. Someone that was 10 years old.

This young girl had all the wisdom and patience I wish I had. I wish that I did not think so much and simplified things. I find that as I get older, I find bigger and better ways to over complicate things for myself, adding unnecessary stress and anxiety to my life.

Thinking back to my 10 year old self, I probably was not as graceful and poised as this girl, but I am thankful that I was able to spend time with one that was able to clear my mind and help me with my problems. I sincerely hope that we remember not to discount the young ones, because sometimes, the younger ones are the ones that are the wisest. I will miss this girl.

Take it easy everyone. Talk to some youngsters, take a breath and spill some ink while you’re at it.