The Top Ten Things I Need to Remember (as finals are next week)

10. High school final exams are nothing like university final exams.The only experience I have is none. None whatsoever. My only advantage is that I guess I am used to weekend exams because of piano but that is pretty much it. Then again, maybe all exams are the same.

9. Studying for high school exams is nothing like studying for university final exams. This means 1) no cramming the night before and 2) no procrastination. Just do it. Just study.

8. My profs did not make such a big deal about exams, and suddenly I feel really zen. I feel really calm. Almost too calm that it is making me suspicious. But that might be a good thing:

study hard + study early = no stress

7. Thank God that my spread of exams is great. I have God to thank profusely for that, and I guess myself for choosing such awesome courses.

6. As much as staying up late to study sounds like a super fantastic idea, DO NOT (repeat) DO NOT stay up late and study. I do not want to study into the morning hours before an exam. This will kill me and my grade and therefore my GPA.

5. If anything, remember theories. Theories are important. Then, use the theories to apply what I learned this semester.

4. Remember that this is only 4 x 3 hours of my life = 12 hours of exams total. It is a lot of time. It is half a day. But it will pass. I will pass.

3. Do one thing a day that I love. Remember the 25-5-30 rule so that I do not burn out. Watch funny videos (but set a time limit on that too, or else things can go wrong…)

2. Bring EVERYTHING that I need to each exam. Wake up on time. Get there on time. Best to be early and relax (and cram/wallow/die) early than to be rushing and risk being late.

1. Pray for guidance, support, and mercy. Because somethings this semester (especially Stats) are lost in my brain and confusion.

BONUS: All of this will be over soon. Time flies… I hope.

Here is a throwback Thursday photo of me as I was just accepting my application to SFU and attending an event. 

Keep spilling ink! I know I will – three of my exams are essay based. The other one has some kind of math in it but my prof writes wordy questions, therefore, I need to provide lengthy answers to answer all questions hidden inside one question. Best of luck to everyone on their exams, final projects and papers – I know we will all succeed. Mandatory celebrations to follow, just in time for the holidays!

“If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.”
– James 1:5

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