The Monster of Emotion

It seems that Jon McLaughlin gets me. His melodies are brilliant and his words are like a blanket that just wrap me in warmth and realization.

This morning as I struggled to wake up after a long but fun night, I was listening to his song “Human”, and the blanket of realization was once again thrown over my body.

Take a moment and listen 🙂

So what are the biggest things that I draw from this song? I feel that he is able to profoundly describe how most of us are in the world today – we are constantly hiding from pain. Pain is something that we do not like to mingle with. We try to find easy ways out in hopes of avoiding conflict and sadness.

In the process, we leave everything bottled up inside and we begin to lose ourselves to the situations that we could have gotten ourselves out of in the first place, if we had the courage to speak up and say what is on our mind.

I am totally guilty of this. I guess you can say that stuff like this is completely out of my element. I am typically the one who will keep everything bottled up inside, partially because I really do not know how to approach certain topics and also because I am afraid of what is to come afterwards.

As I write this with Jon singing in the background, I feel so many emotions hitting me at once with his words dancing in my head. We really are human: emotions make up who we are. Without emotion our lives would be so bland.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I never got sad. If I never got upset, or ecstatic, or tired. How easy would it be if peoples’ words did not affect us in the heart, where it hurts the most? Sadness seems to be my biggest demon at the moment, and sometimes I would very much like to diminish it from my life.

Emotions are a curse and a blessing. It goes both ways.

As humans, do we always “fight what we’re feeling” and “hurt instead of healing”? It seems to be the case. The world is constantly watching us, seeing what our next move is. Most of the time we reach a stalemate and do not know how to move on.

My mom always tells me that as a young kid, I tend to see the world in the here and now. I used to disagree but I am starting to see that as a mother always is, she is right. My emotions right now get the better of me. The situation that I am in right now is taking away from who I should be, and that is someone who should not be sad all the time.

I am trying, every day, to fix what is broken. I am hoping that this song will be my inspiration to get my feelings out and prevent them from remaining on my mind all the time, to the point where it is eating at my heart and soul.

I hope that you guys too will stop these monsters in your head. The words that are left unsaid usually grow bigger and bigger into something you cannot handle. I am unfortunately seeing that now. However, I am going to take this opportunity to move on and move forward.

Until then, speak your mind. Say your words, embrace the emotions, and spill some more ink.