The big haircut of 2019

Making the cut!

So I did it! I went for the plunge and made it happen.

I wanted short hair for so long, and I spent so much time looking for inspiration, the right moment, and the courage to ~just do it~.

Those who know me know that I’ve always complained about having hair that took its sweet time to grow. The last time I had a “serious” cut was back in May of 2017, and ever since it felt like eons before my hair got back to a length that I wanted.

But now, most of it is gone – about 11 inches worth.

I admit, I’ve caught myself a couple times in the mirror, feeling genuinely surprised at this drastic change. I felt a lot of excitement at this new style and the endless possibilities, but also a little bit of (now fading) regret.

The big question I’ve gotten around it is of course why I decided to do such a drastic cut. Keep in mind, the last time I cut my hair, it was still fairly conservative and tame. However, this time around the cut was really different and short. For one, it is a lot shorter than I’m used to, and it involved some parts of my head that are pretty shaved down. Like a freshly cut lawn, my stylist said.

So why the change?



I think that a lot of people might be in the same camp with me on this one. For whatever reason, there is something cathartic about getting your hair cut, particularly if it is a very different style. I guess it would fall in somewhere with the “new hair, new me” mantra. Or for others, cutting off all your hair could be synonymous with cutting out all the negative experiences and energy that was recently experienced. The new look is symbolic of a new person, a person who was changed by the experiences and grew because of them.

When I think back to the different times I cut my hair off or made a drastic change, there usually was an incident attached to it. In many ways, I am looking to shake off the old me and welcome in the new me - not a new person entirely, but a person who has experienced change, growth, but will remember where she came from and the scars that make her who she is.

The old me really started to lose sight of who she is, and more importantly, her identity. Things that don't really matter began to control her life, which pushed out the capabilities to care about things that did matter.

After coming from Rise Up, I began to re-orient myself around the priorities that did matter - my faith and prayer life, first and foremost, but also my family, my friends, and reaching out to forgive those who hurt me. Forgiveness is a big part of this, as it provides me with the opportunity for my own personal closure and the ability to move on, free of pain.

...and after!

When I felt all the hair leave from my head and waited patiently to see the final result, I was again reminded of God's plans for me and how He wants what is best for me. I was going into unknown territory and I had to trust a hairdresser - whom I'd never met - with something as personal as my hair. And in the same way that I had to trust her process from start to finish, I have to trust God and His process.

I'm in love with this new haircut, and I highly encourage everyone (especially my fellow ladies!) to try going super short at least once in your life. It is super freeing!