[Sunday Reflections] Spiritually blind

Readings for today:  1 Samuel 16:1, 6-7, 10-13; Ephesians 5:8-14; John 9:1-41

For once you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of the light.

This past Friday I felt incredibly unsettled. It was a turbulent day where I didn’t feel like myself. It might have been the onset of seasonal allergies that was causing me to feel certain symptoms, or perhaps the impending doom of 4 assignments due in 5 days. Whatever was causing it, this ‘it’ was leading me to feel strange.

It wasn’t until that I prayed to God that night in the company of my CCO family that I realized that I had lost sight of what I was supposed to be doing. I was blinded by my own busy-ness, worries and fears that it took a toll on me. At the same time, I was trying to be a strong person and lead other people to God. But as a blind person, how can I lead them? There is a saying that the blind shouldn’t lead the blind, because then they will all end up in a ditch.

Humans are busy beings. We get so caught up with the world around us – in work, in school, in relationships, on social media – that sometimes we forget to scale ourselves back and bring ourselves back to Christ. When we go on this path without Him, often times we will lose our way and fall into sin and darkness. But realizing that God is always there for us, even when we stray very far from the path, should be reason enough for us to turn back to Him.

In the letter to the Ephesians, St. Paul calls on them (and us) to bring ourselves – broken parts and all – back to the light so that they can be exposed. We are called to humble ourselves before Him, tell Him that we know that we are broken and blind, and ask Him to lead us to the pool so that we can wash our eyes and be made well again.  We must also put our faith and trust in Him that He will lead us to this pool out of love. He will never abandon or hurt you.

The blind man in the Gospel of John today is a true portrait of ultimate faith. After a taxing exchange with the Pharisees, the man who was once blind was driven out of the temple and was even denounced by his own family. But he did this out of pure faith, telling Jesus that he believes in Him.

Aside from life’s busy-ness preventing us from coming back to Christ, sometimes there are things and people who will hold us back. I found myself in relationships where I didn’t know how to talk about my faith with the other person our of fear of being ridiculed. But if this person doesn’t love me and my faith, do I really want to be with that person? Faith is an extraordinary gift, one that is sometimes challenging to grow in, but God continually has faith in us. In the same way, shouldn’t we have faith in Him?

As we are halfway through our Lenten preparation, I pray that we all humble ourselves before God and ask Him to strengthen us and our faith as we await the passion, death, and resurrection of our Lord.

St. Paul, pray for us!


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