Simplicity is Bliss

I want you all to watch this. It is only 3 minutes, but I promise you it will leave you feeling so happy after you’re finished watching this. Trust me. If you aren’t happy, find a way to tell me. You have ways to contact me on my sidebar, but I trust that this will bring at least a smile to your face. 🙂

So, why did I get you to watch this?


ahem. to continue…

The other reason (I started a list on the thought of having more than 2 relevant reasons. Oh well…)  is because of how beautiful this video is. This young girl, about 2 years of age, possibly less, experienced her very first rainfall.

Her reaction? Priceless.

See, rain is something that, especially for Vancouverites, we get a lot and frankly take for granted. Rain is typically labelled as depressing weather: it’s wet and relentless, with rain drops falling fast and quick, getting into your eyes and your hair. The skies are grey and they rumble loudly with impatience. It is like massive tears falling atop your head.

Whenever it rains, I highly doubt that we have reactions like this young girl does. I know I don’t. I usually groan and roll my eyes and complain at the fact that the rain has yet again ruined my plans the way that it usually does.

However, after watching this video, I had this feeling of happiness well up inside of me. Admittedly it did make me tear up, and at first, I couldn’t understand why. This girl was so happy with something so simple, laughing and enjoying the company of the raindrops dancing on her hands.

For the rest of the day it made me think about why I couldn’t be happy in that way. This is not to say that I am never happy, nor am I complaining about my life at the moment, but I was wondering about this “special” type of happiness. This carefree air about this young girl is something that I feel is missing inside of me.

Simplicity is what this girl experiences when she comes face to face with her very first rainfall. It is the simplicity and beauty in the world around us that makes us happy. When we push aside the complexities of life, look past our imperfections and stop over thinking (something I am terrible with), we will begin to see the true happiness in all of our lives.

Let us all strive to breathe in, and breathe out, and remember that simplicity rules over complexity. Once we stop over thinking and enjoy our lives as they are, we can live our lives the way this young girl does when she experiences her first rainfall. Every day will be a new romance with the rain.

Until then, breathe deeply, live simplistically and spill more ink.