Prayer intentions for this new school year

As a new school year begins and the seasons of life transition from one to the next, a lot of changes are brought about in my own life and the lives of those around me. Below are some prayer intentions that I will be praying for, as well as prayer intentions that I hope you can help me pray for.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive or exclusive! If you need any prayers, I am here for you!

Intentions that I will be praying for:

For my fellow CCO Executive Team  and staff members at SFU and UBC, that we are able to help our communities grow stronger with the help and support of each other. So that we can bring our community into a deeper relationship with Christ, be their to be a witness to God’s love for them.

For the students that I will be working with in some capacity this year, whether it be first year Arts students through mentorship at SFU, those students that I reach out to through my role as a CCO executive member, or my piano students that I will be teaching this year. I pray that God will grant me patience and wisdom when working with all of these students so that I can help them achieve their goals, and for God to give them perseverance and strength as they work through the year.

For all those students who are starting post-secondary education this September, especially my sister Eleanor, that God guides her and all others down a path that He wants for them, a path that will bring fulfillment and joy and will also teach them hard work and persistence.

For all those students who are graduating this year, that God guides them as they leave one chapter of their life and move on to something brand new. Show them your love and mercy, and bring them comfort and peace, especially when they feel helpless or confused as to what they want to do.

For all those families dealing with recent loss, in particular a family in the CCO community who recently lost a mother. May God grant these families peace and solitude during this difficult time of grief. I pray that these souls rest in your peace in a place where there is no more suffering and pain.

For victims of suffering pertaining to violence, persecution, war, and natural disasters, that they may never lose hope in God and that God watches over all of them during this difficult time.

Personal prayer intentions for myself that I would like to request:

For my family, so that we always remember what it means to be a Catholic family united in Christ. For our health, our relationships with each other, our personal hurdles and journeys, and for us to remember always that God will never forsake us and will always lead us through difficult times and trials.

For personal strength and surrender to God, especially this semester and next! I know that I’ve set myself up for what seems like an academically challenging semester, alongside the extra-curricular activities that I am a part of! May I always have faith in Him and trust in Him, and allow Him to work with me and through me!

For an ongoing discernment of my vocation, as I draw near to the completion of my undergraduate degree. Whatever path God has chosen for me, may I always be eager and ready to give my “yes” to Him, no matter what He has planned.

Again, if you have any prayers that you would like to request, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or leave them in the comments below!

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