Opening up the poetry vault: 2 new poems

I write a lot of poetry. But I used to keep a lot of it in secret.

I had a dark period of anxiety and an inability to perform. Prior to that, I had shared my poetry in school as part of the slam poetry club. Then I went into hiding.

But recently, I came back. At the Y57 Media summer fundraiser back in June of this year, I performed two original pieces, “Museums” and “The Perks of Being Short”.

Moving forward, I want to share a lot more of my poetry. And I’ll start by sharing the above two poems.



Museums have it right

Look, don’t touch

Stay behind the velvet rope

You break it, you buy it

Don’t deny it

You walk through life recklessly

Walking on eggshells but destroying everything in your path

Life is a museum

And the people are priceless statues

But sometimes we don’t care about their value

We walk into a room like we own the place

Pick the first one that appeals to us

Check out their body, their features, their face

Do they fit in or are they out of place

Will they fit in with me

My lifestyle

Who I am and who I want to be

How I want to be perceived

I was told to look and not touch

Don’t break it, or else you will be stuck paying it

Off for the rest of your life

But I was careless with my actions and

Reckless with my emotions

I played out our infatuation like a worn out piano

Playing broken melodies out of chords so dissonant

I was tone deaf and blinded by my

“Love” for you

You reciprocated every motion

Like some twisted dance for two

I tried to keep up with you

With every tempo change and fast step

And with every touch you pushed the boundaries

Created chaos in my brain and a bursting in my heart

Infatuation running through my veins

I was a statue that came to life

And you reached out and pushed me off the ledge

And here I am, trying to pay off the damage

I put you on a pedestal

Smooth like ivory and precious like gold

Your words were smooth and effortless

But they were also empty and weightless

I hoarded you like fools’ gold

I wanted every part of you

I wanted to grow old with you

At least, that was what we talked about

We would walk from room to room in our little museum

Taking in sweet domestic scenes and stormy scenery

Perhaps a sign of what was to come?

You would point out the strokes and I would be

Aroused at the colours that mixed together

Bright hues and conservative shades

That give me no clues or indication that

You would one day break my heart

Even after you promised me that you would be careful

Even after you promised that you would

Stay behind the velvet rope

Nothing ever stopped you though

No rules or signs or anything of the kind

You did what you wanted

You came and went as you pleased

You didn’t need me or anybody policing you

Because you didn’t care

All you wanted was my ivory body

You didn’t care what was within

So you came along and mistreated me

To the point where you broke me

Shattered in the middle of a velvet rope pen

With you running towards the door

Away from the responsibility

Who are you?

Where is the man I fell in love with?

Where is the one who promised to respect me

Who promised that he would respect the rules and play within the boundaries

Who are you?

You ran through our museum

My fingers slipping away from yours

Until suddenly I was left all alone

Just a pile of shattered stone

Watching as you run from one statue to the next

Leaving in your wake brokenness from your disrespect

I am broken, but I will try to rebuild

Try to walk out of this museum without incident


The Perks of Being Short

The perks of being short.


I once enjoyed the luxury of height

Towering over my peers and seeing everything with a bird’s eye view

I would never have to choose between

Fight or flight

Because height worked to my advantage

High enough with my head in the clouds

Keeping me close enough to the stars

Holding onto dreams and anticipations that

I would always be on top of the world like this

I would fight if I had to

Take down everyone in my path

If it meant that I could secure my place in the sky

For a lifetime until I died

I once enjoyed the luxury of height.

But then, puberty hit.

As I tended my garden in the atmosphere

Chasing dreams in the stratosphere


Everyone was growing up beside me

My fellow flowers were towering over me

And as the world changed

And my friends took the magical escalator

Out of childhood

Somehow mine was out of order

I was trapped

Like a robber being stopped

I was trying to run away with my height

But my plan collapsed on me

My neck went from looking down, to looking up

Craning my neck to look at the sun

And practically everyone else

Because I once enjoyed the luxury of height

But it’s gone now.

As I advanced in age

I thought that my height would advance steadily

But that was wishful thinking

And I couldn’t believe my eyes when

Over one summer

All the boys came back

Leaner, taller,

Some of them really stunners

But I digress.

The tables turned and

Now they were looking down at me

My spot at the table has been taken away

As I can’t even reach the table anymore

Because I’m suddenly


The perks of being short.

Number one

You will always noticed

People will call the police because

You are deemed as missing

When in fact, you are actually in their midst

Standing in front of them, actually

Just below their eyeline.

True story.

The perks of being short.

Number two

You don’t have to do anything

Because typically, you can’t reach anything

You get extra points when you try

And people think it’s cute when you try

They smile politely and say

“Oh dear, let me get that for you”

Oh dear, that’s nice

Where were you when I was jumping up and down ten minutes ago?

True story.

The perks of being short.

Number three

You can’t see anything

So imagine how many horrible things you miss out on!

When people stand around you like skyscrapers

And you are just a flat top building

The world is so much nicer down here

Climate is more moderate

I’ll send a postcard up your way

Maybe a snapshot of what my eye sees

Because it probably most certainly is different from what you see

So come on by sometimes and see what I see

They say it’s much more fun down here

But I’ll never know what’s up there.

I once enjoyed the luxury of height

But slowly that luxury has been stripped away

As all my friends grow past me

Able to be seen

Able to reach things that I can’t reach

Able to see things that I probably will never see

And unfortunately

It looks like I will never gain the height that I want

Because all I wanted really

Was to be at least 5’3”

But I guess I’m stuck here.

I have resigned to the fact that

I have been the same height for nearly

Ten years.

So here we are, the perks of being short.

I hate to tell you this but

There are none.


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Lead image credits:  Elijah Bautista Photography

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