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THE David Myles.

I am not a concert-goer by any means. This is mostly because I am a broke student.

It breaks my heart, because there is so much incredible talent in this world. I get a little envious of people who save up and put many pay cheques on the line to go and listen to their favourite singers live for a few hours.

But when I saw that David Myles was in town - a second time in about a 12-month span - I knew that I absolutely could not pass up the opportunity.

Who is David Myles, and how did I get hooked onto his music?

Hailing from Fredericton, New Brunswick (#CanCon), David Myles truly is a talented musician, songwriter, and vocalist. His music spans many genres, and his albums have touched on jazz, country, rock, pop, hip hop, and folk - but he prefers to call it "roots" music. 

Myles had been doing music for a while, putting out his first album in 2005 and gained recognition through a number of awards. He broke out into the larger music scene alongside the Canadian rapper Classified with their song "Inner Ninja" (2013), which they won a Canadian Juno for.

Over the years, his cross-genre music as well as down-to-earth performance style connected a whole wide range of people who make up his audience and fans, and I myself am one of them.

I came to know about Myles when over the airwaves here in Vancouver, a song called "So Blind". I fell in love with the song - the voice, the arrangements, how catchy it was - and I had to know who sang the song. That's when I came across more of his music, found out that he also sang on "Inner Ninja", and continued to follow his music until today.

Throughout this musical journey, it was such a blessing to be able to listen to and support a Canadian artist who embodied such passion and talent. I was also lucky to have him follow me back on Twitter (@mylesdavid - follow him!) AND back in 2016, when he was getting ready to release his album "Here Now", I was chosen as one of five lucky people to hear the album in advance in his lovely promotional contest he called "The Big Share".

In December of 2016, Myles came out to do a show at the Evergreen Cultural Center in Coquitlam, which was no doubt an AMAZING show in an incredible venue. But because I had final that afternoon and I was doing the written portion of my Piano Teacher's Pedagogy exam the next morning (which, not going to lie, I was freaking out for), I decided to pass up this opportunity so that I could focus. Of course, this left a pit in my stomach for a good portion of 2017.

But little did I know that another opportunity was going to shortly after.

I found out that David Myles was going on tour - and making a return to Vancouver - in June of this year.

It was in anticipation of the release of his new album "Real Love", which came out in September. I knew that I couldn't pass up the opportunity, and that this time I would let nothing stand in my way. 4 months was far off, but I was ready to make the commitment.

On Sunday, October 29, I finally got to see David Myles live.

The concert took place at the lovely Wise Hall in East Vancouver, and it was a dream come true.

To put things into perspective, I do not go to concerts often. My very first concert was in 2007/2008, when Michael Bublé was in town. My family and I sat right in the very last row in Rogers Arena - and by that I meant, if we swung our heads too far back, our skulls would connect with concrete.

In April of 2016, I went with my sister Eleanor to a Pentatonix concert at Pacific Colosseum, which was also incredible.

In my short, little life, this was my third concert, and it was AMAZING.

It definitely is a whole other sensation when you're able to sing along to your favourite songs while actually seeing the singer live, just a few feet away from you. Myles put on a fantastic show, which a fantastic opening act (Port Cities - also go check them out!) and his crazy talented band. The entire night was a big party and celebration of how special and relatable his music was. That was made evident in the diverse demographic that made up the crowd last night. Every moment was a highlight.

But the night got better when the opportunity arose to actually meet David Myles in person.

And the night got even better when I was able to talk to him, get some photos pictures with him, and he actually recognized me.

Apparently, I tweet at him so much that it has left some kind of impression. It's crazy to hear someone address you by name when you've never met them before in your life!

Beyond being super talented in so many aspects, David Myles is such a genuine and friendly person to be around, with a killer sense of humour and just good vibes all around.

Thank you, David, for sharing your talents with the world, for taking the time to connect with fans after your show, and for sharing a conversation with me. It really means the world to me!!