Music Monday: so close & other things


Link to the playlist here. 


Is it just me, or do we as humans just yearn to be close to others? We are social beings that are meant to socialize with others. We want to be appreciated, to be listened to, to be loved. There are days when I want to be on my own and with my own thoughts, but for the most part, I want to be close to others. There are so many people who I want to be close to: my family, my friends, the ones I love and the ones that I fall in love with. I want to be close to God. I want closeness, proximity, intimacy. This playlist is not confined to a specific genre; in fact, there really is no running genre at all. However, all of these songs are “close” in some way – close, closer, so close. Depending on how close you want to be and who you want to be close to, this is for you.


“Closer” | The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey – The only reason why I still listen to FM radio. I recently started getting into The Chainsmokers and this song just did it for me. Think summer flings, nights that you won’t forget and all the same, try to block out of your memory.

“Closer” | Ne-Yo – Bringing it back to grade 6 with this slow jam. Even as a 12-year-old, I could feel the passion, and Ne-Yo is so incredible. Think passionate love affairs, the nights where you didn’t want to hang up first, the staring that wasn’t awkward.

“Close” | Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo – I love this track. Nick Jonas reminding all of us who the best Jonas brother is and how great he looks without his curly hair. Think euphoria, first glances, first dances, and making that shift from just friends to something more.

“So Close” | Jon McLaughlin – Right off of the Enchanted (2007) soundtrack. Jon McLaughlin has an incredibly soothing and easy voice to listen to, and all of his music is worth listening to. Think of literally every romantic Disney song, the first dance at your wedding, the slow dance you never got to have at your grad because it was all EDM (true story), and happily ever afters.

“So Close” | Tom Misch ft. Carmody – Such a mellow track. As a ex-choir girl, I can really appreciate Tom Misch’s bass voice – it’s freaking gorgeous. Think vulnerability, letting someone in for the first time, deep conversations, and falling in sync – mind, body, heart – with the one person that you had been waiting for all your life.

“So Close” | Shawn Hook – A different closeness from the rest of the playlist; yearning to be close to something rather than someone. Think of hard work paying off, making it and hitting it big, finally getting what you want.

“Closer” | Tegan and Sara – The soundtrack of every crush I have. Bonus: these ladies are Canadian! Think heart beating over time or getting stuck altogether, sweaty palms, and the tug of war of being too forward and just forward enough.