{Mini} Poetry Collection: Colours and Emotions

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of listening to one of my favourite artists, Sleeping At Last. If you’re not familiar with him, you have to check him out. For one, his voice is intoxicating – intoxicatingly beautiful. For another, he is a brilliant composer and musical arranger, and every song and composition that he writes is like a piece of art for your ears.

He started a podcast not too long ago, in which he breaks down how he wrote and composed some of his songs, as well as uses it as a platform to debut new songs. I’ve been listening to it as well, and I have become so enamoured by how talented and raw he is – in his writing of lyrics, his melodies, and his instrumentation.

Sleeping At Last has an incredible knack for writing songs that are thematically linked, as demonstrated by his albums “Atlas: Year One” and “Atlas: Year Two”, and the description behind how it came to be is just as mind-blowing.

Inspired by his amazing talent, I’ve started writing series of poems that are thematically linked, and I think that I will release them out into the wild, slowly but surely.

I’ve been writing a series of poems based on colours, and tying them to emotions. To start with, here are three short poems based on our primary colours, and perhaps primary emotions: “Red/Anger”, “Blue/Sadness”, and “Yellow/Happiness”.


I’ve always tried to remain level-headed In the face of adversity, in the face of things not going my way In the face of condemnation and persecution But like a fire can never be contained I feel my fury rising It burns red with anger and passion And like the way fires are fuelled with oxygen So long as I am breathing So long as something ignites the spark in my veins I will snap and set ablaze I will be put out and left as ash And the cycle will start all over again


It’s the unassuming things Morning fog, constructivist theory, herbal tea That remind me of you But I swore I wasn’t sentimental I remember all the times we talked about How much we loved the ocean Just the peace and calm that we feel from it Its vast nature and just how far-reaching it was We watched the waves ebb and flow Honestly, I thought we were just admiring the water You pointed out something that was caught in the waves And we watched for ten minutes as it bobbed up and down Something so small, so sad and helpless In a sea of unending blue you said something absurd “I want to swim out and catch that object” And now, years later Time has swept me out into the unforgiving sea of memories I wonder if you’re on the shore now Pointing me out to some girl who you’re seeing Wondering what I am Wondering if you should swim out to save me


I had never felt so free until I found myself Apart from you and apart from the world I stretch out my arms and feel myself Being wrapped up in the rays of the warm sun It is enriching But all the same unnerving I don’t know how long this happiness will last How long will that bright, yellow light stay in my life? What will I do when the light fades away? I try to hold fast to what I remember Taking mental pictures Absorbing every last ray of light Because there will come a time when the light turns to darkness And all I’ll remember Is how I felt when the sun was up Kissing my cheek Reassuring me that everything is alright

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