I want to send you a card

My adorable little planner has all these cute national ___________ days, and it seems that there is something for everyone and something happening virtually every day. It can be super sweet and “normal”, like National Siblings Day, or something super random, like National Slurpee Day.

Something that is upcoming is National Send a Card to a Friend Day – a bit of a long one, but I’ll take it. This is coming up on Wednesday, February 7.

This ties into something that I wanted to do a lot more of recently, especially in this new year – different forms of writing, particularly sentimental forms outside of writing in my journal


For me, letter writing has always held great sentimental value.

I’ve always found that writing cards and letters especially has been an easier way for me to really express how I feel. Sharing feelings in one-on-one conversations have happened too, but I feel like in the moment, with all the emotions bubbling up to the surface, conversations sometimes happen where I miss a lot of things that I want to say. In post-conversation, I begin to question how it all happened.

As you could probably imagine, this means that my letters tended to be quite long.

But despite all this, I have always written letters. Whether it be a letter reminding some people of how special I think they are, to letters of apology, to love letters where I bared my soul, letters and cards have always been one of my love languages.


So, I have a call out – a challenge – for you.

Are you ready for it?

I want to send you a card.

I am armed with plenty of blank cards and stamps, and my goal is to get them all sent out no later than Friday, February 9 – two days after the official Send a Card to a Friend day.

You’re probably wondering what the challenge is right about now.

Well, I’ll do all the leg work. I’ll write you a card and I’ll mail it to you. But first, I need your mailing address.

If you want to receive a card from me, let me know! You can message me directly with your mailing address if we’ve chatted before, or you can email it to me at hello@rchlcwng.com.

I’m looking forward to it!

x R


If you want to receive a card from me, you can get your mailing address to me by messaging me on Twitter/Instagram (@rchlcwng), or by emailing me at hello@rchlcwng.com.

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