Grad Thoughts :$

It really fascinates me how once something that seemed so far away is now right before my eyes. Funny how some distance makes everything seem small (heh Frozen reference nbd)..

I think that I have been dreaming about this day out loud ever since high school began. I’m going to be super frank, high school wasn’t the best thing that has happened to me. While there have been amazing things that have happened to me and extraordinary people that I have met and have had the honour to call my friends, there have been many times where I felt like giving up, giving in, and letting the world cave in on itself. Essentially, I wanted high school, one of the most awkward stages in human life, to go die in a hole and be done and over with. From jerks to boys to more jerks to the overwhelming stresses brought about from my own little mind over capacitating with worries that I shouldn’t even have to begin to worry about, I lost who I was over the course of this so called once in a lifetime journey of ‘high school’.

This year has really been an eye opener for me, both inwards and outwards. I have figured out as much as I could about myself and learned a lot about the world around me. Now with grad looming over my head and just over a month away, I am feeling even more excited about the new possibilities that await. With security into my future plans and a future school in September I am excited for this summer and what happens next in this new chapter of my life.

Holy Cross, you’ve been good to me. But the fun’s just starting.