An Obituary to My Snapchat Account

A trusty app. Constantly crashed, but maybe that was just my phone. Loved you once but I can say that I have since moved on. Not entirely sure if you’ll be missed. 2012 – 2017.

I used to be obsessed with you, Snapchat.

I remember when you first came out in 2011-2012 – feel old yet? At the time, you was all the rage, and I told myself not to download you. I knew that once I had you, I would be hooked.

But I gave in to the peer pressure and the fear of missing out (FOMO). And so, one spring day, I downloaded you and got to snapping. Soon after, just as I predicted, I was hooked.

There was something exhilarating – powerful, even – about being able to have a glimpse into what other people were doing throughout the day. Likewise, it made me feel important to be able to broadcast everything that I was doing to those that I permitted to see. It was like I was starring in my very own reality TV show with an exclusive audience.

I held onto Snapchat tightly, keeping up with the lives of my classmates. But as the years passed, this ‘keeping up for fun’ turned into ‘keeping up to stay relevant’. It became obsessive and tiring.

So about five years later, I deleted you.

When I told people that I had deleted my account, I was met with a lot of surprise. “Think of all the things you’ll miss out on,” some friends said to me. “You won’t be able to keep up with everyone!” others said.

You gave me the option to go back to you within the period of  30 days. And at first, those 30 days were hard, because I wanted to come back to you. I felt left out and felt serious FOMO.

It was difficult, but I made it to this email last week:

At the time of publication, my Snapchat account has officially died.

I didn’t mean to let you die. I didn’t mean to neglect you. But I had to. Because of you, I neglected the whole idea of living in the moment. Of being present. I neglected family and friends and put my Snapshow first.

I’m pushing blame now – I’ll admit, I became really self-absorbed. I felt relevant. But now I understand that I don’t need you to feel relevant.

By just being, I can get so much more out of life.

Admittedly I still have your friends on my phone – Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But I’m trying not to let them get in the way.

But for now, I will bid you farewell. And see you never.


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